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What is Sundayz?

Sundayz is so much more than just a great way to discover, create and share awesome events & activities.

Sundayz uses smart-tech to search out and prioritizes the cool, fun events and activities relevant to you, and more than likely the people you’ll vibe with too.

With Sundayz you can spontaneously create and discover awesome events and activities happening now, tomorrow and every other day of the week, wherever you are.

Be it a midweek sun-downer sesh at your favorite chill spot or a pumping outdoor over the weekend Sundayz has you covered.  

For the team behind Sundayz the mission is to provide a platform where you can tap into any local scene in just moments, meet cool people and have a good time, anytime.

We understand that your privacy is a top priority and we respected that. At Sundayz your network is your network and your space is your space. 

Sundayz will never disclose or share any personally identifiable information or personal contact info with third parties.

No more ads, that’s right, Sundayz is ad free.

The only marketing you’ll ever see on Sundayz is showcase events where companies host events base around activities you’ll enjoy. We strongly encourage companies to offer service discounts and promo goodies at these types of events, so you can look forward to some cool extras here.

Most of all, for us at Sundayz, it’s about kicking ass at providing a platform designed to Make Everyday Awesome.

Own a business?

We want to help you grow.

With our affordable and effective business growth strategies and tools the skies the limit.

Create cool showcase events & activities your audience will love and connect with your market face to face.

There’s no better way to build relationships that last than with a handshake and a chat wrapped in a good time.

Sundayz is fully scalable, so if you’re a startup operating locally or a global player taking on the world, we got you every step of the way.


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